IOS 14 makes it Harder for Apps to Advertise:


August 31, 2020

The first one to get the hit would be Facebook.

Apple has been the only company that still to this day champions the idea of having privacy for users. Whether it be on their browser or Software or their smartphones. In every update, either for iPhone or Mac or Ipad, they have tried to block off apps that feed off a lot of data from users.

History with Apple and Facebook:

Facebook has always been the one who would be in the cross-hair of everyone since its inception, As Facebook has always been a data mining company who sold data to many advertisers and it had good tools to target ads to specific demographic all around the world, Facebook now has over 4 billion users, with more on Whatsapp and Instagram both owned by Facebook Apple recently has been on a crackdown against the data policies Facebook has on its users. Recently apple canceled the Facebook Enterprise certificate temporarily following the news that Facebook was conducting market research using those certificates. Apple has been trying to reshape the marketplace and Facebook has been on the defensive.

Apple and Facebook recent Issue:

If you have an iPhone, in a month or so if you upgrade you will have a lot of pop-ups and it needs to have some background explanation. So the advertising industry assigns a unique code to every single device which is called an identification for advertisers or IDFA, by using IDFA any company can know if their advertising was effective even if they sent the same ad multiple times. Facebook has been using IDFA to know about its user’s network. It can be called as an ad network for developers.

With IOS14 Apple will display a popup on every app telling you about IDFA and how you can choose to opt-out of it. In response, Facebook decided to end collecting any IDFA. This move can affect their ad-revenue for Facebook as up to 50 percent. A lot of Facebook clients can suffer.

We can just hope that Apple is more active when it comes to user’s privacy as compared to Google or Facebook.

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