Chrome hopefully would Load Tabs 10 Percent Faster:


August 31, 2020

According to Google we can expand and collapse tab groups.

Google Chrome, has been infamous for its slowing and lag issues as it sucks up your RAM more than any other program on your computer. Most people relied on Mozilla Firefox or Opera because of their optimization with RAM. But recently Google announced that they are working on Chrome as a whole.

Why is chrome better?

Chrome regardless of its issues has been the main fastest, reliable, and most user-friendly browser out there. Favored by billions of people around the world, as it’s not just on the desktop computer, it is also available on iPhone, Android, and many TV’s also. Their engine for the browser is the foundation for Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft Edge.

What are the new updates?

Google says that the new update will bring 10 percent faster load times, as compared to previously, especially in one main area which is when we are opening and closing tabs in a group and opening and closing tasks. As previously it would always take a while for Chrome to be responsive again. This slowed down everyone’s workflow, small instances of lag, and wait can lead to a massive downshift in performance.

They would tackle this issue by taking resources away from the processes which are idle. By this change, they see improvements not only in loading speed but also in battery and memory savings.

A feature that users always asked was a tab – grouping feature that allows the user to group the tabs into one, rather than you constantly going back and forth between tabs to find the one you were working on.

Future Updates:

Google says they are adding a new feature called tab previews, which will allow any user to see their tabs in a preview window, whenever you would hover a mouse over a specific tab. This currently is in BETA, we hope to see this feature soon. They also say that Chrome PDF support will become much more powerful, as you would we able to open any PDF and can make changes as an input and we can open it whenever we want and can continue wherever in pdf we left it off.

Also, basic improvements to support 2 in 1 laptop/Tablets, and whenever you would write something in the URL without realizing that the exact tab is opened before, Chrome will give you that suggestion.


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