Amazon Go Cashless Feature can be Implemented on WholeFoods:


August 31, 2020

Amazon was the first and the only one to have that technology.

In the age of technology as a whole, Amazon has been the only one to revolutionize the digital age as we know it, with its cloud services. Easier shopping access and providing one-day shipping support to all customers. Amazon had introduced a new system to shop with ease which was called “Amazon GO”. Introduced in 2016, it became its shopping mall like Wal-Mart except with little to no staff anyone around.

What was Amazon Go?

With the idea of changing the fundamentals of how any customer normally shop, they implemented AI and Machine Learning Algorithms to just make it all autonomous. Customers can come and choose and take whatever they want, and when you would arrive at the exit gate, you will get a list of all the things you bought, just pay the bill on your phone and that’s it!

This single idea became its store first being in Seattle, and then to San Francisco, this idea became far more than just a concept. You just go to their stores, scan a QR code on the amazon app walk in, grab whatever I want, and then leave. People can enjoy and have their life be easier and convenient.

Technology and it’s future?

Recently Amazon acquired the giant “Whole Foods “, and recently they announced that they will create an autonomous store for whole foods with the amazon go technology. The technology if implemented can be a big deal, in the sense of not many people can access Amazon Go stores, but Whole Foods currently has many stores across different states and is most famous in America. It can make life easier for people who rely on buying fresh and quality fruits and vegetables without the need of having any issues, or being stuck in a line . Or waiting for any sort of issues that mainly happens during checkout.

Amazon Go’s Goal:

The concept remains strong and will be implemented in all other countries where Amazon is available. As they made their amazon warehouses autonomous with the various mechanisms that run on Artificial Intelligence, Soon we also can see a future where every single store will not have a person in sight and no lines or crowds. Wherefrom cars to stores to buses and even ride-sharing will all be autonomous and powered by AI and Machine Language because we are moving towards that future and we hope to see it succeed fully becoming all autonomous and more beneficial as the consumers of new technology.

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