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With more and more people opting to wine and dine out, the hotel and restaurant industry is flourishing with every passing day. But all this extra business results in a mean competition between different hotels and restaurants and every establishment wants to beat his competitor to the punch. Apart from having good food, good service and good ambience, a striking image is a must for a restaurant to survive and thrive. A cleverly designed logo that appeals to the diners is just the thing to add extra spice to an image.

Designing logos for the restaurant industry is exactly like cooking a mouth watering delicacy, proper mixture and quantity of the right ingredients, preparation and presentation. If everything goes right, you have a wonderful dish on the plate ready to quench your hunger and in case of a logo, you have a wonderful logo that appeals to the food enthusiasts.

Generally in a hotel and restaurant logo design, fonts do most of the talking, case in point, the logo of Pizza Hut or MacDonald's etc. As far as colors are concerned, normal colors associated with foods are widely used.

The intelligent part of designing logos for the hotel and restaurant industry is associating the logo with the food through the clever use of colors, fonts and creativity.



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